Instructions for selling on WelClick

To ensure the most smooth product posting process, make sure that you have completed all the steps to post-sales on Welclicks as follows to make it more efficient and easier.

Step 1: Access WelClick

- Access Welclick through the website or on the mobile application

Step 2: Login WelClick

- To post products for sale, you first need to have an IDShare account. Sign in with your IDShare account.

- If you do not have an account, click "register" to be directed to the registration page:

- Fill in the required information and KYC IDShare account

- A valid account on Welclick is an account that has successfully KYC and linked the wallet on the system

Step 3: Visit the personal store page

- Click on "Dashboard" in the personal channel to be able to access the store

- Select "Products" to open the store's product management list

Step 4: Enter product information

- Click add products to update products to be sold on Welclick

- Fill in product information:

  1. Product pictures
  2. Product catalog - category
  3. Product's name
  4. Detailed Product Description (If any)
  5. Keywords for the product

- Then press next to go to the next step

***Note: When you post for sale, it is your responsibility to ensure that all of your products comply with Welclicks' prohibited/restricted products policy. Welclicks reserves the right to ask you to provide certain types of documents for special products.

Step 5: Enter sales information

- Fill in all sales information for the product, including:

  1. Number of goods in stock
  2. Product SKU (if any)
  3. Select payment method (Nee, Paya, Wel...)
  4. Discount - Discount (if any)
  5. Add attributes if any of the product (Color, models...)
  6. The price of the product

- Then press "confirm" to go to the next step

Step 6: Post products

- Select the Country, Region, Region you want to post for sale

- After selecting, click "Submit" to post the product on WelClick

- Checking and following the product list

***Note: Track the list of store products

- After completing all steps and successfully posting the product, please follow up to update product information regularly to receive the attention of customers.

- Your product may be deleted, blocked, hidden content if it violates policy terms, or has restricted prohibited content.

- Products that violate Welclick's regulations and are banned from posting are Prohibited Products according to the laws of Vietnam, the host country and the Welclicks regulations.

- Products are in a restricted list on WelClick - Products have been temporarily locked before but Seller still does not make appropriate corrections - Products are temporarily locked due to violation of regulations and Welclick needs a seller Edit your information now

- Product information has signs of the wrong description, providing wrong information

- Spam information/Keyword spam/Inappropriate product images

- Change old product content to the new product to cheat reviews

- The store will never change the content of the advertisement to a completely different product if the old product has a buyer's review. identify a certain brand, for the purpose of fraud

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